Going to keep it short and simple, and to the point!

Major changes are coming to WheelsDirty.com and it is a big one! The website will be going down at the start of the new year and most of site probably won’t work for now.  New layout, better features, items you can actually purchase, photos that you can buy (and license!), and overall up to current web standards.

Any who, here are pictures that I compiled from the final RallyX of the 2013 season. This is the first I shot in manual mode and post processed raw images. Hope you guys enjoy!

Sorry no descriptions or anything on this post, they would most likely break wheelsdirty.

Do you have suggestions? Have any pointers on my photography? How about the post processing, did I over do it? Let me know via twitter @wheelsdirty or on the facebook page!

See everyone after the new year and happy holidays to you all! 2013 brought in a ton of traffic from all over the world! Let’s show the world how dirty we can get our wheels here in Southern California.