Went for a ride to Santiago Oaks before the Superbowl festivities. There was a small shower the night before so the trails were in amazing shape. I climbed up chutes trail and took a left on the ridge. I stopped at the end of the ridge and took in the scenery. After a quick break I headed back towards the chutes ridgeline trail.

This is my first real ride with the Giant Contact Switch and I am amazed at how useful it is! With the push of the lever and slamming the seat, I am ready to bomb! I first noticed how much more I can bend my arms on the chutes. I used to go behind the saddle but that locked my elbows and I had less control of the handle bars. I also noticed a whole lot more grip to both wheels because of the ability to lower my center of gravity and not just further back. The table top jumps seemed a bit harder only because I was not used to this attacking position. Overall, this is the best upgrade to my bike! If you don’t have a dropper seat post, get one now!