Danny and I decided to hit up Suicide Loop to give his Santa Cruz Heckler a proper shakedown. Its been about 6 months since I’ve been here and the trails change every single time. A little overgrown in some spots but definitely rideable, except for the usual hike-a-bike spots. Saw a couple of hikers but had the trails to our selves. Danny climbed like a goat with his new ride! He is also amazed at how much of a difference a dropper seat post makes for the technical downhill chunk.

We took a break at the top of the ridge when Danny’s bike light mount broke. He tried using his other light but the end cap would not go on! After several minutes of tinkering, he was able to get it working again. We than climbed a very steep section and we both cleaned it with no hesitation. We took another break but this time with beer! Hung out for a little bit and headed down the hill. This part of the trail was a little loose but very fun to ride. The exposure to the left was completely dark and it looks like it falls into oblivion!

No trail data will be shared, secret trails are meant to be secret! This loop is 100% legal to ride on, at any time.